Property Inspection

Our specialized partner visits the property & gathers all necessary information based also on the specifications required. At the same time, he evaluates the property in regards to its usage type, while also assessing whether the street and the area the latter is situated is a commercial one. Finally, he submits a report which evaluates the property holistically.

Property Management – upon assignment

Having said this, G.E. always does its best to guarantee the optimum exploitation of the property. Therefore, and should it be necessary, we will proceed with all repairs and restorations needed so that your property remains in excellent condition. We also strongly promote your real estate asset with targeted print & online advertising so that we find the most suitable tenants for you.

Finding tenants

Our company aims to find you a trustworthy and reliable tenants. G.E. carefully examines the candidate s personal (family), economical and professional state as well as the income declared to our national fiscal authorities. We also collect information about his/her past rental behavior, while assessing reliability and consistency as far as his/her obligations are concerned.

Rental Contracts

Our legal partner has written specialized rental contracts based on the current legal framework and of course, adapted to the specific usage and exploitation of the property. We also take care of all necessary certificates securing our client best interest.


For as long as the contract is in effect our firm makes sure that all its agreed parts are followed by the book. More specifically, we always collect rents on time, pay frequent visits to ensure property maintenance, address all issues, fulfilling owner’s obligations, while we also represent/act on his/her behalf when needed. In case of rent submission delay, we seek the best solution possible, always keeping in mind current state of the market.


If the contract expires or both parties agree to proceed with its release, we sign papers to terminate the contract, making sure the tenant has settled all payments (electricity, water, etc.). If the tenant is untrustworthy and peevish, our legal department proceeds accordingly in order to claim back the rents and the estate.