If you need help in effectively and efficiently managing your property, our company is your number one choice and your ideal partner. Kindly submit your application and we will be more than happy to undertake the management of your property for as long as you need, keeping you well informed and up to date via monthly email/calls, taking care of all the hassle and thus, offering you a relief from all the unnecessary stress.

Undoubtably people care for their property and wish to keep it in a good condition, safeguard it, further exploit it, while guaranteeing its legal substance. However, this is not always possible for a number of reasons which may include: distance, (living in another country, or city), lack of time, health issues, unwillingness to go through all the hassle associated with the long but necessary procedures posed by the public sector, or other organizations and of course, the lack of experienced and qualified legal, economical, fiscal and technical consultants, who could cope with all the necessary ambiguities.



Therefore, our company which specializes in property management is your trusted partner and the one to manage everything, complete all process and solve or overcome any obstacle, making sure your property is managed in the best way possible. More specifically and after receiving the assignment of the project via your written statement, we will be responsible to handle every issue associated with your property, taking systematically care of it with responsibility, credibility, discretion and transparency, while offering you peace of mind and protecting you from possible unpleasant experiences. Having said this, we promise you to always defend & protect your interests, systematically looking for the more reasonable and beneficial/profitable way to further exploit your property

You may very well be in need of our services if:

  • You own a property in Attica and you live far away (another city, or abroad)
  • Finding a reliable tenant for your property feels like a challenge to you together with checking upon and manage it in a holistic way
  • Unknown neighbors cause damages, or trespass your property.
  • You are generally unaware of your property’ s condition and worried about its current state
  • Rental contracts present difficulties for you and it proves impossible to collect rents in due time
  • Quite often rents “shrink” due to several general expenses which you are unable to control
  • You are unable to check if tenants meet their obligations and preserve the property in good condition
  • You are afraid of handling maintenance and restoration of your property when facing a new rental contract
  • You generally find it difficult to renew, restore and maintain your property
  • You want to proceed to solicitory acts (transfers, sales, etc.) and you are not familiar with the procedures
  • You have hereditary issues and you are not familiar with the legal processes
  • You are afraid of the pile of documents needed in order to proceed to transactions which you must collect from a number of public authorities.
  • You are unable to both count the costs of your fiscal obligations in your profit and take care of relative payments in time.


G.E. employees specialized executives with a strong working experience both in public and in private sector and a deep market knowledge. They are competent, reliable and offer a second to none customer service. The company’s CEO is George Epitropakis, a financial consultant, who has a remarkable experience in real estate management both in private and in public sector.

Our company also collaborates closely with well-known constructing firms which restore and renovate properties, engineering offices which can issue certificates and licenses and several other companies which help us ensure the high quality of our services.

Our company’s key partners are the following:

  • Epitropakis Yannis – lawyer in Athens
  • Ferousi Kallia – Marketing and Communication
  • S & G Consulting – Fiscal  Consultants
  • Ioannidou Mar.– Sollicitor
  • Chalkias Giorgos – Responsible of real estate management
  • Yannis Avramis – Processing and supervising real estate issues.
  • City Insurance Brokers – ERGO Insurance company
  • Καββαδία Μαριάννα – Γραμματειακή Υποστήριξη