With more than 10 years of experience in real estate management and excellent qualifications, GE has managed to attract a series of important clients who have trusted us in managing their property:

  • Greek expatriates/ homogeneous from Europe, U.S.A., Canada, even Australia who own a private property in Greece
  • Clients who live in Greece, but for several reasons, such as distance, lack of time or understanding were unable to manage their property
  • E. can also manage big properties, department stores, multifloor buildings, as well as separate apartments in Athens and suburbs.

A very important and worth mentioning member of our clientele is the National Hellenic Capital Bank – a subsidiary of the National Bank. More specifically, G.E. has been trusted by and is looking after the properties of a significant number of the bank’s costumers.

Hence, we are responsible for managing clients’ big commercial real estate such as supermarket Marinopoulos, Sklavenitis, Veropoulos and others, while we also assist the bank in further exploiting Creta’ s Saint Archbishop’ s property.

We also manage:

  • commercial buildings inside the Varvakios Agora in Athens, which are owned by private clients living outside of Athens, as well as buildings located in the most touristic region of Athens, Monastiraki and Syntagma.
  • public sector buildings such as hospitals, etc.
  • big commercial buildings rented by big firms and many other buildings for housing or commercial use that belong to several owners.

We are very happy and proud as we have managed to build and maintain a framework of excellent cooperation with all our clients, while establishing sincere relationships of mutual understanding, trust and appreciation.