The real estate market bloomed during the 2000′ s decade. During this decade banks had very easily administered loans to citizens and companies aiming the purchase of estates. The whole situation turned to be uncontrolled, the banks easily approved loans, didn’t check whether the person or company who applied for the loan fulfilled the conditions to take it and thus on 2008-09 we came to the point that 84% of greek citizens are owners of the house they live in, and 56% have additional income deriving from real estate.

Certainly the way of thinking of greek people was oriented to the direction of acquiring real estate property. All those years along existed and continue to exist small and bigger fortunes based on real estate and though the real estate management is a tough procedure, till recently didn’t exist companies exclusively dealing with the management or other persons’ real estate property.

Certainly the exploitation of a small estate and its rental procedure might be easy and one could not understand the reason why he would apply to a specialized company of real estate management. We assure that even in the case of those small properties, the specialized firm would achieve to better property’ s exploitation.

However there exist circumstances where real estate management is tough and complicate. Many owners are often involved in one property and it is not easy for them to manage it. There are owners,  physical persons involved with organizations of the public sector. There are properties belonging to relatives or heirs which cannot come to an agreement and as a result nobody among them takes the  initiative  for their property’ s exploitation. Another category of owners is those who either are Greeks and live abroad, (homogenity), or are foreigners who have invested in real estate in Greece.

For them is very difficult to manage their property from abroad and mostly to exploit it efficiently.

Finally an important category of owners for whom is difficult to manage their real estate are the older ones. On the past years all the individuals above were facing their problems either asking help from relatives, either by applying to friends, or, if they had to deal with a difficult case which couldn’t handle by themselves, were seeking the advice and help of some lawyer friend.

The huge increase of building in the domain of real estate in 2005 as well as the following economical crisis created the urgent need of specialized companies of real estate management that are not preoccupied with any other subject and specialize exclusively in the management of clients’ real estate. G-E was created on 2006 by partners who had the knowledge and the experience of the real estate market. They created a company whose aim was to cover everything about real estate management so that it could procure all the necessary services for a successful real estate management. It includes from the economical, legal, technical fiscal point all the procedures demanded to support the correct exploitation of a real estate property.

G-E handles the clients’ property with professionalism and has the best possible result for their property.

G-E takes care of the real estate management, protects the clients’ property and guaranties its best exploitation.