It is natural for all individuals to be interested in and care about their real estate property. They are concerned about its protection, maximizing its utilization through secured lease agreements, timely rent collection, maintenance, and ensuring its legal status. However, many times, these concerns are not effectively addressed. The reasons for this can vary. It could be due to the considerable distance (residing in another city or country), lack of time, personal health reasons, or joint ownership with indivisible co-owners. Additionally, bureaucratic reasons may also play a role, as they are often required to address various procedures involving different authorities, public or other services.

However, the most significant reason is the lack of experienced consultants with specialized knowledge in financial, legal, tax, and technical matters.


Specialized in property management, with over fourteen years of experience, G-Epsilon undertakes to relieve you and resolve all the problems arising from the aforementioned reasons. Upon your written instruction, we undertake to handle every matter related to your real estate systematically, with seriousness, confidentiality, reliability, and transparency. Our contribution will not only relieve you of a significant burden of caring for your real estate but will also yield you the maximum possible financial benefits. In short, we advocate for your interests, ensure your peace of mind, but above all, provide you with the certainty of proper and prudent management and utilization of your property.

Our collaboration is built on a strong relationship of trust, which you will gain by getting to know the people you’ll be working with, from our management team to our partners. The financial benefits you will derive from this collaboration will be significant, and the cost of our partnership will be minimized through the proper management we will provide and the diligent protection of your interests and rights.



  • WITH CONSISTENCY in adhering to agreements
  • WITH TRANSPARENCY in transactions
  • WITH RELIABILITY of both collaborating parts.
  • WITH LEGALITY in procedures.