It is natural that all the people are interested and care about their property.

They care about its protection, its best exploitation by solid rental contracts, the collection of rents in due time, its maintenance, as well as its legal substance. However, quite often all that is not persecuted in an effective way. The reasons are many and various. Some of these could be the great distance, (living in another city or country), the lack of time, health issues, several co-owners. Might also be incompetence in dealing with problems imposed by beaurocratic components which emerge when facing the procedures related to public sector or diverse organizations.

Yet the most important reason is the lack of experienced advisors with specified economical, legal, fiscal and technical skills.


G-E specialized in real estate management, with over a decade’s experience, undertakes to relieve you of and solve all the problems deriving from the above mentioned causes.

After your written order we undertake to handle every case related with your property, taking care of it systematically, seriously and with credibility, responsibility, discretion and transparency.  Our contribution will not only relieve you of the big burden of managing your real estate, but will also offer the most considerable monetary profit. In a few words we defend your interest, secure your peace of mind and mostly insure that your property is correctly, logically and honestly managed.

Our collaboration is based on a strong relationship of confidence which you will acquire by contacting the men you are going to cooperate with, from our directors to our collaborators. The profit you will get from this collaboration will be significant and the relevant cost will be equilized by the profitable management we procure and the correct defence of your interests and rights.


  • With consistency in maintaining the terms agreed.
  • With transparency in the transactions.
  • With reliability of both collaborating parts.
  • With legal procedures.